Below you will find media articles, the Trust’s Strategic Plan and reports which led to the establishment of the Irish Heritage Trust.


September 2018: The Irish Examiner : “Johnstown Castle: So Grand So Gorgeous…So Visit”. Click here to read the article.

August 2018: The Irish Times: “Restoration Drama at Wexford’s Fairy Tale Johnstown Castle” Click here to read.


March 2017: The Irish Examiner “Fota House is Singing Itself Back to Life Again”. Click here to read the article.

25th May 2017: The Irish Times: National Famine Walk: ‘Remember your soul and your liberty’. Click here to read.

31st May 2017: RTE News Six-One:  National Famine Walk from Strokestown to Dublin. Click here to watch.


The Irish Heritage Trust is featured in the Irish Arts Review Winter Edition 2016-17:  “Engaging with communities and unlocking the unique story of the properties within its care lies at the heart of the Irish Heritage Trust’s ten-year history”. Click here to read the article


An Island Rescue” –  Country Life Magazine reports on how The Irish Heritage Trust restored Fota House in a way that augurs well for the Future. Click Here to read the article.


Click here to read the Irish Heritage Trust’s Strategic Plan 2013-2023.


Indecon Report: “Examination of the Issue of Trust-type Organisations to Manage Heritage Properties in Ireland”. Click here to read.